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The Music is Great for people with Disabilities at ""


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We at "" are dedicated to the people we serve. 

Our Dance Place is owned and operated by John Thorp and Michael Johnson and we have received 100 percent support wherever we offered dances. This has been a whirlwind of adventure and good things.

John Thorp is retired but still provides DJ Services through his business Thorp Entertainment Company and dances do make a difference.

Michael Johnson has a variety of skills and DJ and being a businessman is just a few of his talents.


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For those who have any type of disability, this is the place for you Our Dance Place.

Our Dance Place is a non-profit Corporation/Organization created for the sole purpose to provide social nightclubs for people with disabilities.

Our Dance Place is a club for disabled people who can get together with their friends in a safe, hassle-free social environment for dancing, dining, talking, and having fun.

There is a $5 admission charge per person, but caregivers and parents are admitted free.

One of the best results is the smiling faces and laughter coming from the best people there is to entertain, a night to remember.


Keeping You Free While the Dance Floor Is Busy

We are dedicated to providing a safe hassle-free social environment for people with disabilities.  

What Our Clients Say

never had so many friends until I started going to Our Dance Place. I really love it


My life was so boring and I could not get out and meet people. Our Dance Place has change my life, and I am so happy now.


My mom worried that I was not going to meet friends my own age. Having disabilities was a problem, but going to Our Dance Place has made a big difference in my life.