We Specialize in Safe Hassle-Free Social Environment


Where people can come together with their friends and enjoy musical entertainment.

All disabilities Welcome

All Ages Welcome

If you love dancing, this is the place for you.



Once a month we celebrate birthdays with a Birthday Card and a Gift Card

& Proms

Music from many selections from new to the oldies. Music by request as many has a favorite song they want to dance to.  The entertainment is designed to fit everyone whether to listen or dance to.

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Special Theme Celebrations

We try to have a theme night so the people can dress up and enjoy the night. From cowboy night, Disco Night, to back to the 50's & 60's night, Soul night, Rap Party Night, Ladies Night, Man's Night Out. All special theme night comes with the appropriate decorations and atmosphere. 

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Lighting Solutions

Our Dance Place using the most current light show for our entertainment. Seeing is just as important as hearing the music. Building a musical environment is high on our standards. Giving a picture-perfect dance floor for those who like to video and take pictures of their night with friends.


Entertainment for the Public

We also do Special Company Parties both Corporate and Private Functions. Company Parties, Fundraisers