Enjoy Your Special Day

Reflections of all the fun and entertainment, new friends smiling. Being able to sit down eat and enjoy the company of new and old friends. Dancing to the music you enjoy without the worry of someone spoiling your good time. The save hassle-free environment where you can interact with your friends, take pictures, or a video of things you love the most. Treasure the moment till you return again and pick up where you left off.

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I am who I want to be, happy cheerful pleasant with my friends by my side.

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It is hard to find a place that is conducted in an orderly manner with the safety in mind of all who come to Our dance Place for an enjoyable night of Dancing.


Peace of Mind

Feel the excitement, smiles from ear to ear. Heartfelt laughter and fun by all.

Many things led up to the starting of OUR DANCE PLACE. It all came about while entertaining Corporate Parties, Weddings, Birthday Parties, and School dances. I happen to get invited to do a camp that had disabled people of different ages and in one group camping together at a well-known camp for disabled people. What was inspiring was the smiles and the happiness from all the people there. After entertaining, loaded up all the equipment, and driving back home, a light came on when reviewing what my feelings were about the night.

Over fifty years of playing music in a band, doing sing-a-longs, entertaining weddings, barn dances, company parties, fundraisers, school dances of different ages, something in my heart said this is what I should be doing. Entertaining people with disabilities.

I already had the equipment, lights, and experience, so all I need was a name and a place to do it.

I wanted a name that made everyone feel a part of. "Our Dance Place" where everyone belongs. The place to entertain was my next step. I hit the ground running and started in a couple of places. It all started at the being 2016 and has continued still.

The only real problems I had were a few Administrative things, and they got resolved quickly.